We go T-ZERO – Diesel-Free Lighting and Power by 2025

Could all hire firms and their clients soon have access to fossil fuel free construction machinery?

We're ready to launch our new TEKNO-SPRAY dust suppression range of machinery

Uncontrolled dust on site is dangerous to the health of site workers and the wider environment. Health problems associated with dust exposure include; silicosis, asthma, emphysema, mesothelioma, cancer, allergies, skin and eye damage, blood disorders and nervous system damage.

Sunbelt Rentals get a chain reaction

Sunbelt Rentals UK’s specialist rail business, has invested in an initial order of a fleet of X-CHAIN LED lighting towers.

X Rated! Specialist Rental Firm, Christian Faversham Group goes for X-ECO Lighting Towers

Specialist rental company, Christian Faversham Group have expanded their fleet of site lighting towers with the purchase of a group of X-ECO LED sets.

Covid-19 Statement January 2021

Installing Sanitising Tunnels: An Easy Option For Making Your Workplace Safer

If you own or manage a business, one of your main priorities will be keeping you, your employees and clients safe. As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, it is becoming harder for employers and managers to control the safety of their employees and many employers feel as though the virus mitigations systems they have in place are not effective enough. Installing a sanitising tunnel is an easy and efficient way to make your workplace safer and ensure it does not need to close due to a virus outbreak. We explore the benefits of a sanitising access tunnel below…

Illumin8 Lights go for more of our X-Eco LED tower lights

Site lighting specialists, Illumin8 Lights are making preparations to meet the increasing demand for more lighting on construction sites, trackside works and industrial projects.

We build up our marketing team, as Emma walks in

Sunbelt Rentals invest £12 million in our lighting towers

We secured an order for over one thousand eco-centred tower lights from the UK rental giant, Sunbelt Rentals.

Our X-Mist Motivates High Motive to Sanitise Trackside Workers

Even before this current pandemic, communications experts, High Motive always ensured that all their hire equipment was thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to issue.