WRITTEN ON 6 March 2024.

Event rental specialists, Events Crew gear up with our lighting towers

With spring approaching and what is colloquially referred to as the ‘Events Season’ on the horizon, event rental specialists, Events Crew, are gearing up for an eagerly anticipated busy period.

Central to their rental fleet is a series of Trime-manufactured lighting towers, ready to be deployed on outside events sites and a series of festivals.

Events Crew currently has a line of our X-ECO and X-CHAIN lighting towers, all ideally suited to provide bright, safe lighting for a variety of applications.

The X-CHAIN LED is a stand-alone tower floodlight fully equipped with stabilisers, retractable handles, fork-lift pockets, and a telescopic, stainless steel mast. Illumination is provided via four low-consumption long-life LED lamps. The X-ECO LED has many environmental qualities and safety aspects. The set is fitted with the AMOSS safety system, which automatically lowers the mast if the lighting set is moved whilst the mast is still erected. The complete unit features an external emergency stop button, a fully bunded fuel tank, four height-adjustable stabilisers, and site levels for guidance during deployment.

Stones 5Events Crew selected our units citing their excellent design, ease of set-up, and length of unit to load sideways on a lorry. Events Crew also value the long run times, handy remote access, and how simple it is to tow multiple units to the site. They also appreciate our knowledgeable team which is always accessible, and our excellent spares support.

Commenting on the use of our lighting towers, Brent Mitchell, Events Crew, managing director said, “After many years in the industry and having used hundreds of other sets it was obvious that the new X-ECO was the lighting tower of choice. We never have any complaints. Customers are very impressed with remote access and problem-solving. The Trime team is a quality team of professionals.

Events Crew was incorporated in 2003 and remains one of the leading suppliers of miscellany support services to the UK and Ireland events markets. Events Crew include; fencing and barriers, transport and logistics, power and traffic management. They provide a full service with every day treated the same in the Events Crew calendar, meaning that weekend or Bank Holiday deliveries are not a problem. Events Crew is headquartered in Somerset.