WRITTEN ON 10 January 2024.

We launch a brand new range of security towers

We are ready to launch a brand-new range of security towers.

With security, an increasingly important component on many sites, we have developed a range of security towers that are ideally suited for use on construction sites, commercial areas, road construction, event sites, car parks, storage areas, critical infrastructures, and many others. The towers can be used both internally and externally.

Launch Security GroupTrime security towers are easy to install, require very little installation time, and can be both fixed and mobile. A client can choose from full battery power or solar, and plug-in solutions. We also have diesel engine-powered versions. They will provide effective security even in the most remote of areas.

There are currently twelve individual products within the Trime security tower range, which can offer a complete security package to anyone needing to have level-best security on their site or event. Each product is designed for maximum durability, and many have been already tested internationally.

For example, the Trime X-SOLAR SECURITY has been designed around the Trime award-winning X-SOLAR lighting towers. The X-SOLAR SECURITY is powered by four solar panels that recharge an internal battery pack which ensures zero emissions and zero noise. The X-SOLAR SECURITY features a 6-metre vertical galvanized manual mast, hydraulically operated for simple rise and fall. The mast is also fitted with a T-Bar head ready to support a choice of security or monitoring equipment. Up to four X-SOLAR SECURITY towers can be fitted onto a single truck. It also has forklift pockets and a central lifting eye to simplify transport and storage.

Although Trime UK expects that most customers will wish to fit their security apparatus, Trime does have access to some of the leading suppliers of advanced security and monitoring products and can arrange deployment as part of an overall package.