WRITTEN ON 2 November 2021.

We expand into Asia Pacific

Following on from our recent acquisition of FTG Equipment Solutions in the United States, we are now pursuing further growth in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and South Africa with the formation of a new division, ‘Trime Asia Pacific’.

Trime Asia Pacific is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, and managed by Peter Breen. Peter has many years of experience in the construction machinery markets, and in particular site lighting, which are amongst our core products.  

Aside from giving strong support to our existing dealers in Australia and New Zealand, Trime Asia Pacific will be marketing the complete Trime range of equipment throughout the area.

In recent years, we have experienced considerable demand for our equipment in the construction, rental, and mining markets operating in Australasia, which promoted our decision to develop a base in the region.

T-zero_pro-lineaWith environmental issues at the forefront, we are taking a leading role in the development of fossil-fuel free equipment. Marketed under the Trime T-ZERO PRO brand, we are experiencing multiplying growth of our solar and hybrid lighting towers and generators, particularly in the US and Europe. TOur research has uncovered significant interest in our T-ZERO PRO range in the Asia Pacific region.