WRITTEN ON 12 October 2023.

Glendun Plant stocks up with our lighting towers

Glendun Plant one of Ireland’s foremost plant and machinery distributors has placed an order for over one hundred of our X-ECO and X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM lighting towers.

Glendun Lighting July 2019-1With the clocks due to go back this month, heralding the beginning of the traditional lighting season, Glendun Plant is now prepared to meet the growing demand for sustainable lighting sets throughout the island of Ireland.

Although the X-ECO diesel-powered unit remains the most popular lighting tower amongst Glendun Plant’s customers, the battery-powered X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM is gaining keen interest as contractors seek ways to reduce their carbon output. This is confirmed by Glendun Plant reporting that the majority of the X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM sets in this latest order have already been snapped up.

The X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM is powered by advanced lithium battery technology that can be fully recharged in less than three hours. This means that in a ten-hour cycle, for 80% of the operation, the X- ECO HYBRID LITHIUM is powered exclusively by its batteries, and therefore emits zero noise and zero carbon emissions.

Glendun2Commenting on this latest order, Glendun Plant’s Dermot Cunnie said, “We place our lighting tower order at the start of every year after detailed discussions with Andrew Owen, Trime UK sales director. Many of our customers specifically ask for Trime lighting towers, it has become a brand that is synonymous with quality and lights that are user-friendly for operation, robust in design, and easily set up and serviced. Having the forward order in place gives the factory time to schedule for machines to land with us in a timely manner for the season.”

Dermot added, “We are fielding more inquiries for solar and hybrid-powered lighting towers than we have in the past. Although we believe that the market on the island of Ireland is a little slower to react than in Great Britain. Having said that, we remain very confident sales will grow for these products in the next two to three years.”

Glendun Plant is the main dealer and distributor for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for a wide range of construction machinery. They stock a full range of machines, spare parts, and accessories often ready for same-day delivery. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.