WRITTEN ON 11 May 2021.

Boels lights up COVID-19 testing sites with our X-CHAIN sets

Boels Rental has supplied a range of equipment that has been deployed on outside COVID-19 testing sites throughout the UK. With safe lighting levels and low noise both key elements in ensuring that the sites are properly operated, Boels selected our X-CHAIN LED lighting tower for one of their key customers for each of the sites they are managing.

Boels engineers adapted seventy-six of the X-CHAINS to 240v, 32amp specifically for the COVID-19 sites. They then linked a series of sets together to run from one single generator. These helped to lower fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The X-CHAIN LED lights have been operating successfully for several months and will continue to be in service until the sites are no longer required.

X-Chain Boels 2

The X-CHAIN LED is a stand-alone tower floodlight fully equipped with stabilisers, retractable handles, fork-lift pockets, and a telescopic, stainless steel mast. Illumination is provided via four low consumption long-life LED lamps, 

delivering over 2000sq. metres of safe, bright lighting. Up to four X-CHAIN LED sets can be connected together using the simple ‘socket-in/socket out system and then attached to a single power source - either ordinary mains or a portable generator. The  X-CHAIN LED has no individual fuel costs or carbon emissions and operates totally soundlessly.

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