WRITTEN ON 9 July 2024.

Global power specialists, Power Logistics invests in our solar hybrid generators

Power Logistics, the global leader in the provision of sustainable temporary event power solutions, has purchased an initial four of our solar hybrid generators manufactured by the Trime Power Division.

We have responded to the increasing demand for low-emission generators by designing and developing a line of machines that combines Stage 5-compliant engines, lithium batteries, inverters, and solar panels. Our solar hybrid generators can reduce fuel consumption by up to 89%.

Power LogisticsCommenting on this investment, Craig Hardeman, Power Logistics Project Manager said, “We needed a ‘one box’ solution to our existing ‘two box’ solution as we needed to reduce the shipping size of our equipment as well as reduce the number of moves we did over some dangerous terrain. So the Trime ‘all in one solution’ was perfect for this.”

“The sets are simple to use with robust technology inside. We will consider more of these units for the right applications,” added Craig.

Craig and his team looked at other similar products before selecting the Trime unit but discovered that most manufacturers were still in the design stage, whereas Trime had immediate availability.

Power Logistics has used the solar hybrid generators on the Extreme E racing series and they have already been deployed in Sardinia, Chile, Saudi and will end up in Europe in July, Sardinia in September, and Phoenix, Arizona in November 2024. The compact dimensions of the solar hybrid sets mean that Power Logistics’ client has halved the equipment count in their containers, saving them both shipping space and costs, as well as reduced risk on-site by halving the number of trips to achieve the same power goal.

Power Logistics has been a global leader in the provision of temporary event power for over two decades. They have expertise in stage power, site electrics, distribution, project management, and lighting at concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, parties, award ceremonies, and sporting events. They have offices in the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands.