WRITTEN ON 4 July 2022.

Traction Equipment clean up and save with a X-SPLASH wash bay

“We had a Trime X-SPLASH X-8 wash bay installed in June 2020, and I am convinced it has been the single best infrastructure investment that the Company has ever made. Our direct water overheads have fallen dramatically since we have had it. To put that into context, our quarterly water bills were routinely around £1,200, however since the introduction of the X-SPLASH they now sit around the £215 mark,” Matt Bloomer, Managing Director, Traction Equipment (Stafford) Ltd.

Stafford-based, Traction Equipment is an independent equipment hire company supplying a wide range of tools, compact plant, and powered access machinery throughout the Staffordshire region. They pride themselves on only offering quality and well-prepared products to their clients. Cleaning their machinery before and after a hire is a top priority for Traction Equipment, and therefore having a purposeful, dedicated washing area was quickly identified.

The company carried out some research into a variety of wash bays currently on the market, but none were deemed suitable, as they were all too small. Their continued research led them to our X-SPLASH wash bay system and in particular the mighty X-8 model. The X-8 has a 6750 x 6000mm wash area, a 3000litre filtering system, and will support machinery up to 20,000kg. The X-8 weighs just 5,450kg and has a standard wall height of 2200mm.

“I would say the two striking attributes the X-8 has are; firstly, its’ capability of handling all of the sizes and weights of plant that we operate here while giving plenty of room around to work, and secondly, the water recycling feature is a major plus point too as it aids our environmental responsibilities. Our staff loves the X-Splash, just a few of the comments were ‘easy to clean and maintain’, ‘plenty of room’, ‘best thing since sliced bread’, ‘contains all overspray,’ and just ‘Marvellous!’” added Matt.

Matt summed up his experience with Trime by adding “Trime provides a fantastic service with a very personal touch. They seem to particularly care about after-sales service which we place a great deal of value on.”