WRITTEN ON 17 November 2020.

Our X-Mist Motivates High Motive to Sanitise Trackside Workers

Even before this current pandemic, communications experts, High Motive always ensured that all their hire equipment was thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to issue.

When the company became involved with the new state-of-the-art portable, on-site, sanitary units called Mobile Expandable Welfare Units (MEWU), the company carried out extensive research into a safe cleaning method that avoided the use of chemical based products. Their investigations led them to Lotus Pro, an eco-friendly, stabilised aqueous ozone cleaning system – that is 100% harmless to people, has no chemicals and can destroy up to 99.999% of bacteria.

So, when High Motive’s MD, Phil Miles spotted a social media post which mentioned that our new X-Mist ST100 sanitation tunnel also used a similar water-based hypoallergenic nebulised sanitiser, he quickly made an enquiry.

X-MIST High Motive smallWe confirmed that Lotus Pro could be used with our X-Mist range and we immediately invited Phil and his team to our Cambridgeshire headquarters for a demonstration of both our X-Mist ST100 and ST300 models.

The X-Mist ST100 is walk-through sanitising tunnel which automatically sprays a fine mist of water-based hypoallergenic nebulised sanitisers as someone enters the tunnel. The super-fine nozzles ensures that an individual’s clothes are lightly covered and do not become wet. A person simply enters the tunnel and walks through at a normal pace. The X-Mist ST100 is built for quick installation or regular re-positioning. It is simply craned or placed into position by a forklift truck and can be made ready for use in a matter of minutes.

Following the demonstration, High Motive purchased an X-Mist ST100 and began promoting the unit to their trackside customers. It was quickly taken up and the ST100 has been hard at work on several Network Rail projects helping to keep site workers free from viruses.

Commenting on this investment, Phil Miles said, “It has been very well received by the railway sector and the increased demands for the X-Mist has meant that we have now placed a further order for two more units. They will soon be on their way to the Gypsy Lane Bridge site, near Bristol.”  

Phil added, “Working with Trime UK has been very professional and a pleasure, they have been very welcoming for any feedback regarding modifications we have suggested, based on findings from real-time applications. We very much look forward to continuing this new working relationship with Trime UK.”