WRITTEN ON 25 February 2021.

Sunbelt Rentals get a chain reaction

Sunbelt Rentals UK’s specialist rail business, has invested in an initial order of a fleet of X-CHAIN LED lighting towers.

Six of the X-CHAIN LED sets were immediately put to use on a trackside project in Totton, X-Chain 2_Southampton. As this 24/7 project was situated in close proximity to residential housing, the contractor needed silent, emission free lighting. We recommended our X-CHAIN LED as a perfect solution. The X-CHAIN LED runs totally silent, however they will continue deliver bright, targeted lighting from four energy saving LED lamps.

The contractor simply connected the first X-CHAIN LED to ordinary mains electricity through an 110v transformer and linked the remaining five lights using a heavy duty cable. The chain of lighting illuminated the complete track area enabling safe working as the natural light diminished.

The X-CHAIN LED is a stand-alone tower floodlight fully equipped with stabilisers, retractable handles, fork-lift pockets and a telescopic, stainless steel mast. Illumination is provided via four low consumption long life LED lamps, delivering over 2000sq. metres of safe, clear lighting. A series of X-CHAIN LED sets can be connected together using the simple ‘socket-in/socket-out’ system and then attached to a single power source - either ordinary mains or a portable generator. The X-CHAIN LED has no individual fuel costs or carbon emissions and will operate totally silent. The unit is designed for zero maintenance and up thirty-two units can be delivered on a single truck.

We believe that the X-CHAIN LED is the first lighting tower in the market that has a built-in, patented emergency mast brake system that helps to enhance the safety of operators on site.

This new investment is in line with Sunbelt Rentals policy of selecting the very latest sustainable equipment for their rental fleet.

Sunbelt Rentals Rail provides specialist equipment solutions for all CP6 rail and trackside projects, as well as a range of managed services. Their National Rail Operations Centre plays a critical role in providing a single point of contact for customers, streamlining processes and helping keep train services running. They have dedicated teams and project managers to help their customers plan and deliver rail projects and ensure the most cost-effective provision and procurement of assets and resources. Their rail depots are located at: Doncaster, Glasgow, London (Heathrow), Manchester, Medway, Newport and Hungerford.