WRITTEN ON 27 August 2019.

Murphy expands with more of our lighting towers

Murphy Plant, part of the infrastructure company J. Murphy & Sons Limited, is continuing to make further major investments in our lighting towers.

This latest order is for thirty X-ECO LED and ten X-HYBRID lighting sets as they plan to renew and upgrade the Murphy Plant lighting hire fleet.

Murphy Plant made the decision to commit to more of our lighting machinery following some very positive feedback. ckfinder Murphy site managers referred to the X-ECO LED being simple to mobilise and demob, combined with easy manoeuvrability. They also noted that the X-ECO LED used less fuel than Murphy’s previous lighting sets, whilst maintaining a higher performance level.

The X-HYBRID units will be utilised by the Murphy transport business, predominantly on rail projects supported by their depot in the North West (Golborne).

The Murphy transport business will be reviewing the performance of the X-HYBRID and recording client feedback, with a view to increasing their X-HYBRID holdings. However, Murphy Plant’s current strategy is to hold a dual fleet of X-ECO LED and X-HYBRID allowing for a degree of flexibility based on their specific project requirements.

Commenting on this latest fleet investment Mike Carpenter, Managing Director, Murphy Plant said, “As ever, service from Trime has been excellent and the support they provide to us is second-to-none.”

“An example of their support was demonstrated recently. We were reviewing the plant requirements on one of the largest Murphy projects (Triton Knoll, £100m Cross Country Cabling project), where we had ten lighting sets on hire from a supply chain partner.  We made a simple decision to buy new sets and conduct a swap out with Murphy owned fleet. One quick call to Trime and the new sets were on-site within a few days fresh from Milan. All of them were built to standard Murphy specification and branded in the iconic Murphy green colour. This was a great turnaround from our perspective and we were delighted that Trime was able to make this happen.” added Mike.

Murphy Plant is responsible for the day-to-day enablement and operation of plant, equipment and transport for Murphy. The Plant team offer everything from small electrical drills to a 135 tonne crawler-crane, or even specialist equipment within rail, pipelines, tunnelling, marine or ground engineering.