WRITTEN ON 10 March 2021.

We go T-ZERO – Diesel-Free Lighting and Power by 2025

Could all hire firms and their clients soon have access to fossil fuel free construction machinery?

This is the proposition we are putting forward with our exciting new initiative, T-ZERO PRO. In line with some leading car manufacturers, we have begun to phase out fossil-fuel equipment and, by 2025, only offer emission-free machinery.

Following on from the success of our X-ECO LED,  we began engineering a complete range of sustainable lighting towers each combining energy-saving, emission-reducing features. We now have an extensive line of battery-hybrid, solar-hybrid and solar-only lighting towers that are distributed around the world through our global dealer and distributor network.

eco-lithium-tzero-01A company within our group, Tekno Proget, manufactures power generation machinery from 4.5 to 670.0kVA for a variety of applications. With the demand for carbon-reducing and low fuel consumption machinery increasing at a rapid pace, Tekno Proget has added a range of battery-hybrid and solar-hybrid power generators into their portfolio. This line currently features single-phase sets, 3.5 kVA, 6.00kVA, 10.00kVA and three-phase generators, 25.0kVA, 45.0kVA, 60.0kVA with 100kVA units soon to be made available. Tekno Proget equipment is available worldwide.

We now plan to go even one step further with the introduction of our T-ZERO PRO power module. This advanced system is centred on building a specially designed battery pack that brings together seamless long run times with quick recharging. The T-ZERO PRO power module produces zero noise, zero vibration, uses zero fuel with zero emissions. The batteries are designed to fit on to the outside of the equipment, which helps to dissipate heat more effectively thus preventing overheating, and possible shutdowns. The T-ZERO PRO system is intended to replace many of the diesel, gasoline and LPG powered engines currently fitted to machinery used on construction sites.

Our T-ZERO PRO system is nearing the end of a testing phase and will soon move into full production.