WRITTEN ON 5 February 2021.

What Is A Boot Wash Station And Why Does My Site Need One?

Dirty builders bots and equipment on a worksiite.

Construction is a key sector within the UK and one that employs many people. The hub of this industry is the sites where new properties and structures are built. Most construction sites are busy places with lots of people working on them. They are also places with site offices, canteens and other amenities for people to use. One thing which many could benefit from is a boot wash station. But what are they and why are they required?

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What Is A Boot Wash Station?

Before we look at why your site needs a boot wash station, it is worth pinning down what one is. In simple terms, it is a machine which allows people to quickly and safely wash their boots before coming indoors from the site. Most boot wash stations allow for more than one person to use them at once and some even have cleaning brushes inside to get boots extra clean.

What Benefits Does An Industrial Boot Wash Station Deliver?

We all know how muddy and grimy sites can get - you do not want all this bringing inside every time people have a break or need to drop off paperwork! By using an industrial boot wash station like this, you give people an effective way to clean their boots and keep inside spaces (such as canteens or offices) clean.

They are also much more convenient, less messy and more hygienic than people using a hose to manually clean boots or taking muddy boots off by hand at the door. As noted above, many a boot wash station for construction site use allows for more than one user. This makes cleaning boots faster and stops big queues forming to get inside at busy times.

Trime's X-Boot Wash Station Is A Giant Leap Forward

The problem with manually using a hose to clean boots is how much water gets wasted. This can really add up over time and see your site not operating in the most environmentally friendly way. To solve this issue, we have developed the X-Boot Automatic Boot Wash Station. Our unique selling point is that 100% of the water used for cleaning is recycled. This can see up to 20,000 litres of water saved per week. Not only is this better for the planet but saves on your water bills too!

As an added bonus, up to seven people can use the X-Boot at the same time!

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Our X-Boot industrial boot wash station does not compromise on performance either. It filtrates mud, grime and contaminates to leave boots sparkling clean. The included textile reusable collection bag is large enough to take 1000kg of collected mud from boots at a time. With superb cleaning power and much better environmental credentials than using a hose to clean boots, the benefits of the X-Boot are clear.

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