WRITTEN ON 20 October 2020.

Introducing the Trime X-Solar Hybrid Lighting Tower


Following extensive consultation with some of the UK's leading rental and construction firms, Trime has seen a sharp increase in demand for the X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower, which was launched during 2019.

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The X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower is an mobile lighting tower that has revolutionised the way we light construction sites and outdoor events during those times when natural light is unavailable, such as overnight construction. It can also be used to light up entrances and exits during campsite festivals and more, improving the security of festival goers and those that staff it.

Trime's innovative product is a combination of solar and battery power, with a small diesel engine generator. The batteries can be recharged in as little as 15 hours, with an overall running time between refuelling sitting at over 3,000 hours. Thanks to this, less fuel is needed to be stored on-site, reducing the risk of refuelling contamination and providing a safer environment for all.

The new shift away from traditional power methods means the X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower reduces carbon emissions and lowers fuel expenditure, meaning it's the perfect choice of product for those businesses seeking to become more Eco-friendly or economically viable.

Alongside this, the X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower uses highly efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps as opposed to Metal Halide; this is a choice that has resulted in a longer lifespan per bulb - there is a possibility of up to 100,000 hours or more. The LED lamps also require less power to operate, which is yet another bonus for those looking to cut back on the power that they use.

Perhaps most applaudable for the X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower is the achievement demonstrated during rigorous real-time field testing. The following stats are all in comparison to a standard diesel-fuelled Metal Halide lighting tower:

- The X-Solar Hybrid’s CO2 emissions were 0.17kg per month. This is an astounding 86% lower than a traditional Metal Halide lighting tower.
- The X-Solar Hybrid has a fuel usage of just 10 litres of fuel per hour, which is a great 94% lower than a Metal Halide lighting tower.
- The X-Solar Hybrid’s fuel costs were just £5.00 per month. This runs to be 99% lower than that of a Metal Halide lighting tower.

As if that wasn't enough, the X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower also boasts a silent running time of 70 hours, offering surrounding users and areas minimal noise pollution. Service costs are also negligible as the engine operation time is infrequent.

The X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower is a versatile, sustainable, robust piece of equipment that is excellent for use in those situations that demand safety from low-cost and near emission-free artificial lighting.

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