WRITTEN ON 6 October 2023.

X-ECO Diesel Lighting Tower -  Q&A

Our X-ECO lighting towers are the industry standard when it comes to diesel lighting towers, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions, please get in contact with us by filling in the form below! 

Our X-ECO's have been kept up-to-date with the ever-developing technology especially with LED lights at a premium. Trime have kept this in mind through the designing and manufacturing: helping you, and the environment.


1) When is the first time I have to service an X-ECO Lighting Tower?

The first service on the X-ECO unit is recommended after the first 50 hours of operation. At Trime, we recommended draining the engine oil, using the brass suction pump at the side of the engine. The first service is recommended so if any small amount of debris that may remain inside the engine from its manufacture and assembly, will be removed.

After this, the full engine service should be done every 500 hours. Including an oil replacement, fuel and in-line filter change – depending on the environment your X-ECO has been working.

Top Tip, for the first service: run the engine for approx. 10 mins to warm and thin the oil first, then remove and replace the engine oil filter and refill the engine with oil.

Remove the dipstick before adding the oil, which ensures the oil gets into the sump as quickly as possible, avoiding airlocks.

Top the oil up to the maximum mark, run the engine and recheck the oil level. We recommend topping up as necessary.

Servicing your X-ECO, especially before any busy season, gives you the opportunity to carry out any other checks on nuts, bolts, wiring or loose cables.

2) How do I know when to service it?

The deep-sea controller (this starts and monitors the engine) will keep a continuous record of the hours which the engine has been running. This assists you in the service planning for your X-ECO.

3) What weather conditions can the light withstand?

The canopy is IP23 rated, designed to operate in all weather conditions. The LED lamps used on the X-ECO are IP66 rated, as are the LED lamp drivers, which are situated within the chassis of the unit. When the X-ECO is set up on firm level ground and with all four adjustable stabilisers down, with the jockey wheel and road-wheels in contact with the ground, the unit is designed to operate with the mast fully raised in wind speeds of up to 110kph.

4) How does the auto-start/stop sensor help?

This is fitted as standard on the X-ECO lighting unit. This allows the unit to operate fully automatically: starting the engine and switching on the LED lamps in the evenings, just as it is getting dark, then switching off the LED lamps and stopping the engine, after a short cooling down period, when it gets light again in the morning. The sensor control unit is adjustable, so that you can “fine tune” the starting and stopping points. As the X-ECO automatically starts when it is required and automatically shuts down when it is no longer required, it means that the unit is not running during daylight hours and is therefore not wasting fuel (and money), this automated system also reduced CO2 emissions.

5) Are they easy to store?

Yes, the X-ECO has a very compact design which allows for more units to be stored within a given space and with the compact tow arm, allowing units to be interlocked when stored together. This compactness also means more units can be loaded onto a truck, again cutting down transport costs (and CO2)!

If you need further information about servicing and spare parts, or would like to make an enquiry about our X-ECO's, please give us a call on 01480 220500 or email sales@trimeuk.com