WRITTEN ON 3 November 2023.

Renting equipment reduces carbon emissions

Equipment Rental



By sharing equipment and performing in asset management, the rental industry contributes to avoiding carbon emissions. Three specialised, independent research companies – Climate Neutral Group, CE Delft and SGS Search – have researched and calculated the CO2 emissions during the full life-cycle of ten pieces of equipment representative of the portfolio of European Rental Association (ERA) members. The research concludes that efficient use lowers the total carbon footprint of the pieces of equipment and that the rental business model stimulates efficient use. Depending on specific user practice, ERA estimates that this can lead to significant reductions, in the range of 30% and sometimes over 50%.

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The research consultants have built a calculator to determine the carbon footprint of the use of construction equipment, based on various parameters. The parameters having the most influence on the carbon footprint of equipment are:

  1. Intensity of use – maximising the utilisation rate could reduce the amount of equipment required
  2. Using the right equipment for the job
  3. Transportation – shorter distance and high load factors
  4. Maintenance – allowing extended lifetime

The carbon footprint calculator will allow everyone, rental companies and others, to input their figures and position themselves on a spectrum of efficient, versus inefficient handling of equipment. The calculator, combined with the ERA Equipment Total Cost of Ownership Calculator, becomes a useful tool to support the choice for the most efficient and environmentally friendly scenario for use of equipment, often being the rental practice.

The main objective of the project was to discover the environmental impact of construction equipment through independent analysis. 10 pieces of equipment, from several manufacturers were selected to be analysed for the research to represent a wide variety of popular equipment categories, including earthmoving, material handling, access, power and tool.

ERA is the representative association of the equipment rental sector in Europe, promoting the shift from the “ownership of goods” to the “access to goods”; reducing resources and making better use of equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Michel Petitjean, Secretary-General of the ERA, added: “We felt it necessary to carry out an independent study that confirmed and quantified the reduction to carbon emissions that equipment rental can contribute to. The results of the study are not surprising to us and confirm that rental participates to a more circular economy.” To find out more, contact us.

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