WRITTEN ON 6 December 2019.

Lighting Towers: Technology and Innovation

Lighting towers have been lighting up construction sites for over forty years across the globe. To this day, they are still being developed for versatility across a range of working environments and reduced emissions and noise for an eco-friendly lighting solution. More recently, lighting towers are more often used for events and TV/film sets, helping to illuminate large working areas and create a safer environment for all involved.

technology and innovation of lighting towers

In the last couple of years, having a lighting tower fleet which is eco-friendly and sustainable has been a key objective for many companies when investing in this type of machinery, whether in events, construction or hire. Being an eco-friendly product usually means that the fuel efficiency of the engine is much better, which reduces fuel costs, usage, emissions, risk of spills and, in turn, increases worker efficiency.

Lighting towers have become strong over the years, manufacturers know they need to be robust and reliable - they are a product purchased for the long-term. Having a unit which requires less maintenance and checks reduces both operating and service costs. Less maintenance means more time can be spent on more productive work!

Diesel has been the traditional go-to lighting tower for a long time. There are many benefits to having a diesel lighting tower; however, battery-power and hybrid technology is becoming tested and improved which has created a new range of innovative lighting towers in the industry. All solutions have their advantages – you just need to find the best one for you.

Eco-friendly lighting towers are great; they reduce emissions, fuel costs, usage and noise. However, getting a lighting tower that can reduce all those things and with a decent run-time can be difficult. Look for lighting towers with LED bulbs. These can be longer lasting than older metal halide or halogen bulbs. The latest lighting towers available on the market commonly have LED light heads. These have many benefits: they are more fuel-efficient, so use less fuel and allow your tank to last a lot longer; and LEDs are more robust, reducing risk of damage and subsequent replacement costs.

The surrounding environment has become a much more important factor in the research and design of lighting towers. Thinking about urban environments where works are commonly taking place and the people around is key to meeting rising social demands regarding all kinds of pollution, noise and light included. You can now find both noise-reducing and completely silent lighting towers on the market.

At Trime, we are lighting tower specialists. We design, manufacture and supply eco-friendly lighting towers across the globe. Looking for battery-run lights? We have them. Hybrid? Of course. Diesel-power? It’s the market leader!

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