WRITTEN ON 21 February 2019.

What's all this fuss about LED Lighting? - LED Lighting Towers

What's All This Fuss About LED lighting

First it was Tungsten Halogen, then it was Metal Halide and now everyone is promoting LED, so why should you choose LED lamps instead of the aforementioned lamps, for your lighting tower?

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It’s not an often known fact that Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting was first used in the sixties in handheld calculators and similar devices. However, as technology moved on, the efficiency and power saving properties of LED lighting became a lighting source for more conventional applications.

So, what are these apparent ‘magical’ properties of LED Lamps that are getting everyone excited about? Well, firstly they last longer, possibly up to 100,000 hours or more. Compare this to the lifespan of a Metal Halide lamp which is, by comparison, around 10-25% as long at best (10,000 - 25,000 hours,) and you have great starting point.

LEDs are also extremely energy efficient. This means if you are using an engine driven lighting tower, you use less fuel and emit lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Good for your pocket and great for the environment. Trime have calculated that their X-ECO LED lighting tower uses approximately £311.00 (€363.00) less in fuel each month when compared to many traditionally illuminated lighting sets; this gives rise to a reduction in C02 output by around 888kg per month.

LED Lamps have two other distinct advantages – instant light (Metal Halide lamps have a ‘warm-up’ period) and LEDs are also very robust - meaning they are less likely to get damaged.

So, let’s add all this up. LED lamps save fuel which leads to less harmful emissions. They last longer, and they are harder to damage. They also give off instant light.  When you add all this up, it becomes a simple ‘no-brainer’ when it comes to choosing your next lighting tower.

Whilst we are on the subject of saving cash, here is a neat tip. Look for a lighting tower that has a light sensor built-in as standard. This system will automatically switch on the lighting tower as it gets dark and switch it off again when it brightens up. It would be good if you could rely on your site people to do the on and off routine, but they’ve probably got better things to do, so why not let the LED light tower do it for itself?

If this isn’t enough and you need to know more, call the good people at Trime UK – they really know they stuff – they have a collective 50 experience in the supply of lighting towers and an in-depth knowledge of the advantages of LED lighting.

To find out more about the advantages of LED light towers and how we can help, please contact us.