WRITTEN ON 14 July 2023.

Lighting Tower servicing – The summer months

During the summer we historically see more lighting towers back at plant depots, The days are longer and the requirement for lighting on site tails off significantly.

During this period, it is an ideal opportunity to get the units back to optimum condition, and ready for the next lighting season / urgent hire requirement. This, from experience, will make preparing any hires far less stressful, and more efficient when things are busy in the depot over the winter months.

Maintenance Engine Servicing

A major part of any engine driven lighting tower service. We always recommend using genuine OEM parts – you can read more about this in our blog here

The recommended service intervals are:

After the first 50 engine running hours – Oil filter and engine oil only. This will eliminate any contaminants from the newly built engine after manufacture.

Every 500 engine running hours – Full engine service including fuel filters. Depending on the environment the machine is working in, it may not be necessary to replace the air filter every service, but possibly every other.

Battery Maintenance (Solar/Hybrid Units)

It is important to store the units with the battery charged at 100%. This will help to prevent any degradation of the battery cells, limiting the lifespan of the units batteries.

For hybrid units, we recommend checking and running the units every 4 – 6 weeks and let the unit carry out a full cycle to keep the batteries in optimum condition.

Solar units can be left switched on at the control panel, with the lamps off or on. This will naturally keep the batteries topped up and in good condition.

Mast maintenance

Before storing the units, set up the unit preferably outside. Extend and deploy all stabilisers and check for any obvious issues/damage.

With all stabilisers deployed, extend the mast to its full height, taking the time to inspect the ropes and rollers are all moving freely as the mast is both raised and lowered. Replace any damaged ropes or rollers immediately. Lubricate the mast with WD40 or a similar light lubricant (not grease based)

Generator maintenance

For any engine and generator driven units, it is vital to check the condition and operation of the main generator. Spotting any potential issues here, can save a lot of cost, and headaches further down the line through preventing unnecessary changeovers of the units.

Checking the output voltage of the unit is the easiest guide to any potential issues. Ensure you are getting approximately 230v AC from the output side of the generator when running with NO LOAD on the unit.

If you are experiencing lower output voltage, it is possible that you have an issue on the generator, our service team will be happy to guide you through some checks and tests to identify and rectify any potential faults.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system on the unit is a simple system in comparison to a lot of machinery you may be used to dealing with.

The main thing to check for is any leakage from the system. Also check when the mast is being raised/lowered that it is travelling correctly (approx. 30 seconds to raise and 50 seconds to lower.)

With the mast extended, ensure that it isn’t slowly “creeping” down.

Either of these issues may be caused by foreign bodies in the hydraulic valve block.

Our service team are always available if you require any guidance.

Bodywork and External

Check over the unit, make sure the bodywork, chassis and roadtow (if fitted), are all in good condition and free from damage. Report any other damage and repair as necessary

For road tow units, remember to assess the operation of the trailer lights and this is a good opportunity to check and adjust the brake shoes on the road tow axle, also ensure that it is fitted with a breakaway cable. The delivery drivers will appreciate it!!

Give the unit a wash before storage, ensuring to rinse off any TFR etc, to prevent it from damaging the paintwork over time.

As the manufacturers  we have all the information you need to know! If you need any further assistance give us a call on 01480 220500 to speak to a member of our experienced team!

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