WRITTEN ON 3 January 2020.

Event & Film Lighting - Surprising places you can find lighting towers

Lighting towers are a great solution for outdoor, night-time events such as music festivals, conventions or sport events. They provide reliable and robust lighting, keeping guests safe when the sun sets. Getting the lighting right is very important on TV sets too – Trime lighting towers have been on the Star Wars, James Bond and Spiderman sets in recent years! This shows that lighting towers are more versatile than you would initially think.

event and film lighting towers - where to find lighting towers

It is a common misconception that lighting towers are only used for construction-hire – they are actually adaptable for any application, being very popular across a range of industries and events to their mobility and compact design.

Having a mobile lighting tower allows you to adjust the placement of the unit, ensuring it is in the best place for maximum output and safety for all - but if need-be, the light can be wheeled to another location: making it easier to get lighting right the first time for your event-hire company or yourself. Any changes to the placement of the unit can be made quickly and efficiently. If you had previously opted for a static unit, this most likely caused more hassle than was worth, so when searching for a lighting tower for your event or TV set, check out the mobile options which can be easily moved, either manually or towed by car.

Compact lighting towers are also worth considering. Compact units take up less space and easier to transport, so multiple can be transported from event to event much more efficiently. If you’re an event hire-supplier, then looking for a compact unit is a great place to start! There are a few ranges of compact lighting towers available but remember to check all the features for each option because all will have something different to offer.

There are many different power options for lighting towers available on the market, from battery to hybrid to diesel. For events or TV sets, silent lighting towers are a real advantage. Battery lighting towers are completely silent - Trime’s battery range can last for an entire weekend without recharging, which means that you can rely on the lighting tower for your whole festival or race weekend! Plug-in/electric lighting towers are a great option too if you are searching for silent, emission-free lighting. With Trime’s X-MAST, it is possible to link up to the units together from one power source - with no fuel, no emissions and no noise from the towers themselves!

If you are looking for a lighting tower for your TV set or upcoming event, check out the lighting tower range that Trime have to offer. With a large range of lighting towers with different energy supplies and sizes, Trime have an option to suit all events.

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We’ve also got some further information on battery lighting towers and plug-in lighting solutions, both of which are ideal for the event/film lighting sector. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you with all your lighting needs!