WRITTEN ON 4 May 2020.

Introducing our X-MIST ST 300 personal sanitising tunnel

With the current requirement to extensively sanitise exposed skin and clothes, we have designed and developed a unique automatic sanitising access control tunnel.

The X-Mist ST300 is an easily transportable walk-through sanitising tunnel which automatically sprays a fine mist of water-based hypoallergenic nebulised sanitiser SONIFAR44 as a person enters the tunnel. The super-fine nozzles ensures that a person’s clothes are lightly covered and do not become wet. A person simply enters the tunnel and walks through at a normal pace.

We understand that using an X-Mist ST300 with SONIFAR4Picture14 will help to guard against the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

The X-Mist ST300 had been built for quick installation or regular re-positioning. It is simply craned or placed into position by a forklift truck and can be made ready for use in a matter of minutes. The X-Mist ST300 features a fully galvanised robust steel structure, with a powder coat paint finish. There are anti-slip ramps at either end of the tunnel and side viewing panels are fitted for clear observation.  It weighs just 640kg and has these transportation dimensions: 2950 length, 1153 width and 2637mm height. Trime can also supply the hypoallergenic nebulised sanitiser, if required.

We believe that X-Mist ST300 is ideally suited for use on construction sites, outside supermarkets, large offices, manufacturing facilities, airports, railway stations, care homes and hospitals providing a vital sanitation service.