WRITTEN ON 1 December 2023.

X-WASH Water Recycling System: Winter Care for your Wash Bay

During the winter, when it gets cold the X-WASH Water Recycling System does need a little more TLC to ensure it is all running efficiently through this season. We’ve written five checks for you to be prepared and be ready for when the cold really hits!

These tips are for any size X-WASH which you have purchased, but if you would like some more clarification on any pointers, give us a call on 01480 220500 and we’ll be happy to help.

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  • It is recommended that the X-WASH system is always connected to the 230v power supply, even overnight, this will prevent any rain water filling the waste collection tray at the rear or side of the wash area and causing it to overflow. If the system does become over filled, water will overflow from the cleanest section of the separator tank, the recycled water section.
  • The mains water supply to the X-WASH system can be turned off overnight and the connecting hose pipe coiled up and stored inside to prevent it freezing if the temperature is forecast to be low, any mains water supply pipes that are permanently fixed should be insulated to prevent freezing.
  • If the temperature is forecast to be low, we would recommend that the tap on the water feed to the final filter be turned off. The Pedrolo pump should be switched off using the surface mounted button on the front of the pump and the drain tap below the Pedrolo pump be opened to allow an amount of water to drain out of the filter and the Pump. This will prevent damage to the final filter glass and the Pedrolo pump chamber, should the weather turn to freezing.
  • When setting up the system in the morning, reconnect the mains water supply, open the tap on the water feed to the final filter and after water starts to flow through the drain tap under the Pedrolo pump, close the drain tap and turn on the pump using the surface mounted button on the front, you may need to bleed the Pedrolo pump at this point.
  • There is no need to drain the X-WASH separator tanks, if the surface of the water in the waste collection tray or the separator tanks becomes frozen, simply crack up the surface of the ice in the tray and the tank, this will allow the flow of fluid through the system as normal, allowing the broken ice to defrost as the system is operated.

Remember, all spare parts and service kits are available from us, next day: give us a call on 01480 220500 to place your orders to keep your water flowing.