WRITTEN ON 14 June 2019.

Will hybrid technology be the way forward?

Hybrid power is defined as the “merge of two distinct types of power”. For lighting towers, this can be the combination of batteries and solar power, diesel and solar power and the combinations go on. Having an eco-friendly hybrid lighting tower can bring significant benefits through the power of two elements.

Why Will Hybrid Lighting Be The Way Forward

As with cars, hybrid lighting towers are becoming more common and are a considered a great alternative to diesel-powered lighting towers for hire companies. With hybrid lighting, you have the distinct advantage of the lighting tower lasting for a longer period of time, due to the extremely fuel-efficient back-up engine. This makes them an ideal long-term solution. They are especially suitable for construction projects, or any other type of work that is likely to last more than a few months.

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All hybrid lighting towers conserve fuel (up to 88%) and run on clean energy. Compared to a standard lighting tower, fuel usage goes from nearly 2L/hour to 0.2L/hour with hybrid power. This creates considerable cost savings for the user, but more importantly, less emissions are created (90% less) and ultimately hits those targets made by the government.

Benefits For Worksites

Using less fuel and using renewable solar power improves the working environment, allowing builders to work without the intense diesel fumes from another piece of machinery on site. Having healthier workers and working sites, can improve productivity even more. You cannot forget the surrounding areas though - they are equally as affected by construction works, or events, as the workers are close to fumes created by non-hybrid models. So, hybrid lighting units are ideal for use in built up areas as they run silently reducing noise pollution, as well as emissions.

Run Times

The run-time of lighting towers is an important factor for any industry. The standard diesel-run lighting tower lasts for around 60 hours, compared to a hybrid lighting tower’s 1000 hours of strong, sustainable LED light. With the back-up engine increasing the run-time of the lighting unit, this means that maintenance is reduced, saving money on activity costs and saving time.

A Clean Solution

A solar hybrid combination is an extremely clean solution. The battery is run and powered through the free, clean and constant solar energy from the sun, automatically recharging without the need to refuel, while a back-up engine is in place for overcast days. During the UK’s winter, solar power cannot work alone. An extremely fuel-efficient back-up allows the hybrid lighting tower to run efficiently in any weather.

Battery-hybrid lighting towers are another great solution. They, like the solar hybrid, use a clean power source which reduces emissions and lowers fuel costs by 88%, saving a lot of money both short and long-term.

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