WRITTEN ON 29 March 2024.

Unleasing the power of Green Energy: The potential of HVO Fuel

Hybrid technology is becoming the way forward in many industries, from hybrid cars on the roads to hybrid vehicles on sites. Now, there's another game-changer in the fuel industry: HVO fuel. Derived from recycled natural vegetable oils, HVO fuel is a renewable and sustainable alternative to traditional diesel. It powers transportation fleets, industrial machinery, and more. But what can it offer you?

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The answer to this question is one that can be answered very simply. When considering the rising demand and trend in environmentally friendly practices and products, HVO Fuel is the unparalleled king in terms of an eco-friendly transport industry, construction industry, and much more. The benefit such a fuels usage would bring to the environment is unparalleled, and capitalising on such trends would be extremely advantageous to businesses.

But what is HVO Fuel?

HVO Fuel is a renewable fuel sourced from recycled vegetable oil. It is produced through a process called hydrotreating of which removed impurities from the oil therefore converting it into a cleaner, more stable, environmentally friendly fuel. For such reasons, “Hydrotreated vegetable oil” is being increasingly seen as a superior alternative to diesel. The source of this vegetable oil can be a range of sources be it recycled cooking oil, agricultural waste or plant-based oils like rapeseed or soybean oil. Using recycled vegetable oil as the feedstock, HVO fuel can help reduce waste and extend the life cycle of said resource making it a suitable environmentally friendly option for powering vehicles and machinery.

What are the advantages?

With a clear understanding of HVO fuel and its position as the upcoming leader in the fuel revolution, it is crucial to shed light on the numerous advantages associated with its use across various industries. The application of its advantages is universal, emphasising its need to not be overlooked.

  • Environmentally Friendly: HVO Fuel produces very minimal carbon emissions of which contributes to improved air quality and a reduced environmental impact.
  • Renewability: Derived from renewable sources, HVO Fuel helps to reduce the dependency businesses are facing on finite fossil fuels, thereby promoting a more sustainable future.
  • Compatibility: The fuel can also be used in existing diesel engines without the need for modification, making it a convenient and accessible alternate fuel option.
  • Performance: As will be explored, HVO fuel provides a higher cetane number which leads to better combustion efficiency, leading to smoother engine operation and increased power output.

Comparatively, not only does the use of HVO fuel result in a more environmentally friendly usage of fuel when compared to diesel, however it also shows a superiority in terms of performance too. Of course, factors such as region and specification make an impact on the overall result, but on average diesel cetane numbers range from 40 to 55 whereas HVO Fuel cetane numbers range from 70 to 100 and in some cases even exceed 100. And as is known, a higher cetane number directly correlates with improved performance. The higher cetane number of HVO fuel ensures improved combustion efficiency, translating into smoother engine operation, increased power output, and potentially longer engine life. This enhanced performance not only delivers a more enjoyable driving or operating experience but also contributes to overall operational efficiency and cost savings. Furthermore, HVO fuel's compatibility with existing diesel engines without the need for modifications or engine replacements allows for a seamless transition to a greener fuel alternative. This ease of adoption eliminates barriers for industries and individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable practices without significant upfront investments or infrastructure changes.

To summarise, HVO Fuel is emerging as a game changer in the fuel industry, offering unparalleled advantages and the potential to truly unleash the power of green energy. As a renewable and sustainable alternative to the traditionally used diesel, HVO Fuel is an eco-friendly choice for the transport and construction industry. It's minimal carbon emissions contribute to improved air quality and a reduced environmental impact. By embracing HVO Fuel compatible products of which is another great advantage, businesses and individuals can capitalise on the rising demand for environmentally friendly practices and products whilst at the same time securing a brighter, eco-friendly future.

At Trime, we hold environmental sustainability as our top priority. We understand the importance of adopting greener practices and products to mitigate the impact on our planet. That's why we are proud to to say our products are HVO Fuel compatible. You can view our range HERE.  To find out more, please contact us.

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