WRITTEN ON 23 August 2019.

Battery Power Q&A - Battery Lighting Towers

Battery power is becoming a 'go-to' in the construction-hire industry, and others, as it proves the environmental benefits. Alongside reducing emissions and using no fuel, battery-powered lighting towers have their own advantageous features.

Here are some of your questions on the battery-powered lighting towers! Remember, if you have any further questions, fill in the form below!

  • Do I need to recharge the unit after a certain amount of time?

Yes, depending which model you are using, the 4 x Battery unit can operate up to 36 hours before requiring a recharge and the 8 x Battery units can last up to 72 hours before they need a recharge.

  • Can I recharge as I use the lighting tower?

Yes, if the X Battery is plugged into a suitable mains power supply, the smart charging system comes into operation to recharge the 24V batteries, you are able to use the LED lamps while recharging the Batteries.

  • As the battery gets lower, does the light output reduce too?

The individual LED units do not dim as the battery voltage gets lower, but the Battery voltage monitor Gauge will switch off the Power to the LED’s when the Battery voltage reaches the pre-set minimum limit, you should then arrange to re-charge the 24v Batteries. The X-Battery produces 2000sqm of light output. We advise checking the battery levels before starting work in maximise safety.

  • How many batteries are in the unit?

The two main options available are 4 x 400 AH Batteries or 8 x 400AH Batteries.

Hopefully this has been helpful for you and if you have any further questions about the battery-powered lighting towers we offer at Trime, please fill in the form below.

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