WRITTEN ON 8 March 2024.

Telemetry, Lighting Towers - The Facts

As the leading manufacturer of mobile lighting equipment Trime are finding that more and more customers are requesting that their new machines are supplied to them with a Telemetry system fitted. This optional extra has always been available on our equipment, so why is it being requested more often year on year. Is it just a gimmick or is there a real value to telemetry systems that is becoming more recognised? Let’s look at the facts.

Telemetry image

Locating & Monitoring Lighting Units

When lighting units are put out on hire, they can be many miles away from your hire depot and you could have numerous units spread out over a large area. With our optional Telemetry system, you can locate and monitor each of these units from the comfort of your office, using a simple web browser on a desktop or mobile device.

You can easily monitor the engine running hours of each unit, allowing site service visits to be planned more efficiently. If it is a larger site your engineer can easily locate the machine when it is due a service using an app on their mobile device as each unit has a GPS system fitted.

Remote & Automated Control 

The telemetry system allows the control of each unit in the following areas:

✔ You can start/stop the engine
✔ Switch the LED lamps on/off remotely
✔ Switch on the dusk to dawn sensor system – allowing the LED lights to operate automatically
✔ Switch on the timer system remotely – so that your customer only has to have the LED lamps on when they actually require them
✔ All from the comfort of your office and without having to travel to site

Continuous Service Records

The telemetry system monitors and records details of many of the circuits on the unit, providing you with an ongoing service record for each unit at your
fingertips. This allows you to check back over the entire hire period to check for any unusual incidents, incorrect use of the emergency stop, low fuel shutdowns etc.

This system is very useful in diagnosing reported breakdowns. For example, a telephone call from site reporting that the ‘engine will not start’ can be easily
diagnosed to the customer as “having no fuel in the tank” by a quick check of the telemetry system, saving an engineer’s visit to site, saving you time and money.

Constant Fuel Useage Records

The main advantage for having our telemetry system fitted is it will provide you with a constant record of fuel usage, allowing you to give your customers an
accurate calculation of the CO2 emissions produced by any unit on that site. An automated report can be generated weekly or monthly as required

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