WRITTEN ON 16 February 2024.

Solar Energy & Sustainable Power for Events Lighting.. switching to Solar

how LED lighting towers are good for events

There are many reasons why switching to solar powered lighting towers makes sense, although the option may not yet be ideal for everyone. This week we conclude and outline the considerations to make before choosing to invest.

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Benefits of solar powered events lighting
Companies making the switch to solar powered events lighting will notice immediate budget savings. Well-designed solar lighting towers have zero fuel costs - a particularly welcome feature considering the April 2022 diesel tax – and are not vulnerable to energy price hikes. Solar rigs are also silent, overcoming the noise emission problems of engine powered solutions. Their zero-emission status also helps companies to meet their energy targets, as well as satisfying consumer demand for cleaner lighting solutions. With no wires or mains connection, solar power is also incredibly safe to use, making it a particularly attractive option for outdoor venues.

Maintenance requirements
The battery is central to the efficiency of the system. Therefore, unlike fuel-based technologies, human interaction is required to achieve the best results. The lack of engine means physical maintenance of solar lighting towers is easier than diesel driven alternatives, but on a day-to-day basis care needs to be taken to ensure that the rig has a charging cycle that prevents battery drainage, that batteries are kept clean and dry, and that connecting parts such as diodes are free from corrosion. As such, companies need to think careful about issues such as storage and maintenance schedules. In the case of events management,
this means planning in advance to make sure the solar lighting towers are fully charged, as well as long-term planning to replace batteries over time.

Solar lighting equipment costs
Currently, solar powered lighting systems are more expensive than their engine powered or mains-connected counterparts. This cost reflects the manufacturing price of high-quality solar panels as well as reliable batteries, and supports further innovations in the industry. However, as the systems are completely free to run, events providers can easily recoup the cost over time. Additionally, as consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable solutions, some of the cost of investment can be immediately passed on. For a specific price breakdown, the team at Trime can help.

At Trime, we have been supporting the events and plant hire industry since 2016, developing a range of energy efficient lighting solutions. During that time, we have seen the growing need for sustainable, cost-effective lighting come to the fore, and have responded by supporting our clients in achieving low and zero-emission installations. We combine research and innovation with practical experience to offer eco-friendly products that really work in outdoor environments here in the UK. Our innovative TZERO Pro range, in particular, features high-performance, low-maintenance, zero emission lighting solutions with excellent reliability

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