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Posted by Grace Vanbergen on Jul 19, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Safety is extremely important and needs to be taken seriously, especially when heavy machinery is involved. From the clothing worn, to the use of the equipment, to the elements of the equipment, safety comes into all aspects of lighting tower use. Our lighting tower’s complex engineering and electrical systems can be dangerous if not operated correctly, so at Trime we make the safety of our products, employees and users our first priority.

What has been added to the lighting tower to improve safety? Why have we added them? Here are 5 features of our lighting towers that enhance safety and why we feel they are important for the protection of the users.


The ‘Automatic Mast Operating Safety System’ is a safety break which means that the light’s mast cannot be raised without the handbrake being on. If the lighting tower’s mast is raised, it will automatically lower if the handbrake is off. This safety element is included in our units as it reduces any risk to the users whilst the unit is being moved.

  • Patented rope safety system

At Trime, we have created a rope safety system which comes into action if the wiring on the mast was to be broken. The mast will fall and potentially injure someone below if there was no system in place. However, with the emergency system, the mast is blocked and stays up.

  • Stabilisers

Stabilisers have been added to ensure maximum balance of the lighting tower – especially if the ground is slightly uneven. The stabilisers ensure the unit can be as level as possible. It is advised that the light must be positioned on a flat, level surface. The stabilisers create a better balance for the unit, especially if the weather is windy. (Please note: lighting tower masts from Trime should not be raised if the wind speed exceeds 110kph/hr.)

  • Spirit levels

To ensure that the stabilisers have made a flat level for the lighting tower to be balanced. Spirit levels are on the base of the mast for you to use. This allows you to adjust the stabilisers as necessary to improve safety of the lighting tower, especially if it being moved around sites.

  • Circuit breakers

With our lighting towers, we know that there can be an excess current from an overload or from a short circuit. The circuit breakers operate a switch embedded in the lighting tower to break the flow of electricity if any fault is detected. This can be reset automatically to allow the lighting tower to continue working.

If you have any questions about our very own rope safety system, AMOSS or any technical questions, our experienced team will be happy to help! Call us on 01480 220500 or get in contact with us here.


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