WRITTEN ON 31 March 2023.

Solar Powered Lighting Towers..... Really?

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Solar Powered Lighting Towers – Are they really a viable renewable energy alternative?

Here in the UK we are universally mocked for our typical British weather of rain, cloud and cold so with a distinct lack of the big yellow thing caressing us with Vitamin D inducing rays can the British climate really produce enough sunlight to make solar power a realistic and viable option? Well, the answer is yes! Solar power generation requires only some level of daylight to extract the sun’s energy, this means cloudy blighty can still produce enough sunlight to harness this solar energy to put to use.

What is solar energy?

Simply put it is energy sourced from the sun. The sun is incredible and radiates unbelievable amounts of energy, for example did you know that in an hour the sun could produce enough energy to meet the worlds electricity demand for a whole year! Thankfully due to advancements in technology this means we can harvest this energy and use it to power our Solar Powered Lighting Towers.

Just a few advantages of Solar Energy

  • It is clean! Producing no carbon emissions or pollutants, and, according to some scientists the sun will continue to shine for around 5 billion years meaning we won’t run out of solar energy for as long as we occupy planet earth.
  • It pays for itself! By generating your own electricity, it means costs are cut and the unit will pay for itself.
  • Accessible for off-grid areas – perfect for those locations that are not near the national grid or not possible. They can be utilised wherever there is access to sunlight making it a very accessible and flexible method of energy generation

The UK’s renewable electricity outperformed fossil fuel generation for the first time in 2020 and potentially could remain the largest source of electricity in the future… so we are on the right track to becoming a nation of wind harvesting and solar experts! Why not look at ways to include this in your rental line-up? Clients are switched on and understand not only the green benefits but also the environmental and health impact this has.

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