WRITTEN ON 5 April 2024.

Lumens, lux, kelvin: watt are they? - Keywords for Lighting Towers

With lighting, technical terms do come up as they play a part in the science behind how they work. If you are slightly confused by what means what, here is a quick overview of some lighting terms.

Lux, lumens, watt and kelvin 28.06.19

  • A Lumen is the total amount of visible light from the light source. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the lamp will appear. One lumen = one candela.
  • Luminous efficiency is the ratio of luminous flux to the lamp power (measured lumens/watts)
  • Lux is the unit of light measurement where the area is also taken into account. So, 1 lux = 1 lumen/m2. Effectively, this is the light strength in one area. This therefore allows us to measure the total amount of light plus the reflective light.

There are risks too if the light not used or not produced correctly. One risk is when insufficient light is available for the activities to take place, another could be due to the lumens being too widely spread. There could be obstructions, such as containers or large pieces of equipment, which create shadows and reduce the light availability.

  • Watt is not a unit for power consumption as it is commonly thought. It shows the amount of energy which the product uses, rather than how much light is produced.
  • The Kelvin Scale is a unit of measurement to show the hue of a specific light source. It is the colour of the light output. The higher the value, the closer the light colour is to actual sunlight. This scale gives you a guide in determining which fixture is right for your application.

Trime lights are 5000K, meaning they give off light similar to daylight.

There are many effects of light levels, for example the broader spectrum of light creates a better visual which allows full colour vision and improved colour perception. Effectively, better comfort when performing visual tasks!

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