WRITTEN ON 15 March 2024.

Lighting Tower TLC - Lighting Tower Care

Now that the dark days of winter are getting behind us and we look forward to the lighter evenings of summer, you will probably be finding that your yard is becoming more populated with lighting towers coming back from sites. After working through a hard winter, you and your lights, they are most likely looking forward to a well-earned period of rest before those darker nights come around again.

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Before the lighting units are put away in any corner that is available, you might take this opportunity to give each unit a bit of TLC beforehand. Below, I have listed some simple checks & tasks that will protect your lighting tower during this down time, and will save time before the lighting tower is needed for hire again, or needed at short notice during these summer nights.

  • Give the unit a wash down on its return to the yard, removing any corrosives that may have coated the unit during the winter months i.e. rock salt etc.;
  • Check and top up any fluids on the unit: service the engine if it is due;
  • Check chassis, canopy and stabilisers for any damage, for bolts or fixing that might need tightening up;
  • Grease the stabilisers and mast rotation lock, and lubricate stabiliser locking pins;
  • Operate the mast while observing the ropes and rollers, look for any possible site damage;
  • Lubricate the mast, ropes, rollers and hydraulic ram shaft with a light lubricating spray (WD-40 or similar);
  • Check all electrical cables for cracks or damage and electrical connections for tightness;
  • Check road wheels for correct tyre pressure and wear or damage, torque wheel nuts/bolts;
  • We would recommend that the Lighting Tower is set up and operated every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the engine, generator and hydraulic systems in optimum condition. 

The Why? Doing the checks and Servicing above will help you to keep you lighting tower in a tip top and safe condition ready for next hire and ultimately will also save you money in the long run. This is also a great opportunity to highlight any damage suffered either on hire or just wear and tear, being able to repair that damage quickly will ensure the next hire the tower goes out on will be a pleasant and safe experience for your customer.

The When For all diesel run units we would recommend at 50 hours the Oil and Oil filter is changed, then at 500 hours a full service and inspection. This will keep your engine running efficiently and in turn save money on trips to the fuel tank. 

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   Please get in contact with our technical team on 01480 220500, or email us   sales@trimeuk.com, for any other questions regarding your lighting tower TLC.


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