WRITTEN ON 17 April 2020.

Improve your working environment with Trime’s Dust Suppression System.

Dust is everywhere – from the kitchen to the loft to construction sites to quarries – and it comes in various forms such as asbestos, flour, silica and wood. This can pose a major threat to our health if it isn’t kept on top of – we can’t see it, and this is why it is so dangerous.

improve the workplace with trime x-dust

As an important part of health and safety, dust needs to be reduced and controlled as much as possible, especially on construction sites where it can become a danger to employees and pedestrians in the vicinity. The risks include lung cancer, COPD and silicosis – this may sound very dramatic, but there is a very high risk of these developing when you’re cutting tiles, dry sweeping or sanding wood every other day.

It is required, as an employer, that you look after your employees by eliminating as many health hazards as possible in the workplace to achieve a healthy working environment. Outside on construction sites, you may not have thought dust was something to consider. However, looking for dust suppression systems and putting them onto your site can only benefit you and your employees, as well as anyone else in the immediate area.

There are many ways you can mitigate dust – from reducing the amount of energy the task uses, to using appropriately-sized hand-tool equipment for the material.

The HSE advise that people who are using any equipment which may create dust wear face masks to protect the mouth and nose, wear clothes which repel dust, and regular washing of hands and forearms – especially prior to eating or drinking to reduce the chance of dust into the respiratory system.

The most common method to control dust is through water suppression. This fine mist of water thrown into the air mixes with any dust particles and stops them spreading around the work area or further. The X-Dust from Trime will ensure that dust particles are removed through the power of water, alongside any odour emissions. This can be used indoor or outdoor, making sure you are as safe as possible wherever you are working.

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