WRITTEN ON 16 August 2019.

Hybrid Lighting Towers - the Q&A

Trime's hybrid lighting tower range is ideal for long-term use, reducing carbon emissions and saving on fuel costs and usage! If you would like more info regarding these lighting towers, please fill in the form below!

In this Q&A, we've answered your questions on our X-Hybrid and X-Solar Hybrid lighting tower!

hybrid lighting towers


1) Does the light automatically go from battery to engine power, or do I need to manually active this?

The Trime hybrid system is fully automatic: when in operation the LED Lamps are always powered from the 24vdc batteries. When these batteries reach the low power point, our system detects this and gives the signal for the engine to start up and power up the smart battery charger, the engine will then run until the batteries are fully charged. The system will then switch off the Engine and await its next signal to recharge the batteries.

2) Can I recharge the batteries whilst the engine is running?

Yes, the engine will only run to recharge the batteries, that is its sole purpose in life!

3) How long does the unit take to recharge whilst I am using the light?

The 24vdc batteries should fully recharge in approximately 9 hours with the LED lamps on.

4) During the busy season, are they easy to maintain?

The X Hybrid unit is very easy to maintain and although the engine service intervals are the same as the X Eco unit, which are every 500 hours, as the engine is only running during the recharge cycle, which is approximately 40% of the operation on the LED Lamps, this means that you would only need to service the engine half as often as a standard lighting unit.

X-Solar Hybrid

1) Is the sunlight in the UK enough to run the unit?

Unfortunately, this is dependent on the time of year, there is not always enough sunlight during the day to fully replace the amount of energy taken out of solar lighting tower batteries during the night, this is especially the case in Northern Europe during winter months when the nights are longer and the days shorter: meaning less sunlight, the efficiency of the solar recharge system can also be effected by bad weather conditions, cloud, rain, mist etc. 

If the batteries on the Trime X-Solar Hybrid were to drop to their lowest operation voltage, this would automatically start the hybrid recharging system by starting the Engine and powering up the smart charger. This means that you are always able to operate the LED Lamps on the X-Solar Hybrid, which is not always the case with purely solar lighting units.

2) How long (on average) would the X-Solar Hybrid run without using the back-up fuel tank?

As previously explained, it depends on the time of year and how much sunlight is available to recharge the batteries during the day, how long the LED lamps will operate before requiring the back-up fuel tank. For example, during the summer months it is unlikely that the back-up system would be required at all, in the winter, when the nights are longer than the days, then it may be required to top up the batteries perhaps once a month on average.

3) Is it easy to maintain?

The X-Solar Hybrid is very easy to maintain, the solar panels just need occasional cleaning, the 24v battery pack is maintenance free, the Kubota engine has a 500 hour service interval (after the first 50 hour oil and oil filter change), so it is quite likely that the unit would need a full service & inspection only once every 12 months.

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