WRITTEN ON 17 December 2021.

How To Reduce Emissions With Hybrid Lighting Towers

CO2 emissions

There is no denying that the global climate crisis is making its way to the top of everyone’s agenda. Between the UK’s recent update to the Climate Change Act 2008 to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and the 2016 Paris Agreement to reduce global warming, businesses are searching for ways to reduce their CO2 emissions.

For this reason, Hybrid Lighting Towers are quickly becoming a mainstay for the lighting industry due to the benefits they present of reduced emissions, reduced fuel costs and reduced noise. They are perfectly suited for construction sites, highway works, compounds, airports, outdoor events and more!

Hybrid power is defined as the “merger of two or more distinct types of power” and for lighting towers this can be any combination of batteries, diesel or solar power. With Hybrid technology more sophisticated than ever it’s no surprise more and more companies are turning to these hybrids as their lighting tower standard.

Reducing emissions!

A Solar Hybrid is an extremely clean solution, the battery is run and powered through the free, clean and constant solar energy from the sun, automatically recharging without the need to re-fuel. For example, the X-Solar Hybrid CO2 emissions are averaged at 0.17kg per month which is a dramatic reduction and will help towards those environmental targets set by the government.

Fuel cost savings!

All Hybrid lighting towers conserve fuel (up to 88%) and run on clean energy. Compared to a standard lighting tower, fuel usage reduces to 0.2L/hour with hybrid power. This creates considerable cost savings for the user. With a fuel-efficient back-up engine and long-lasting batteries, you have in excess of 3000 hours of light from the X-Solar Hybrid tower before it needs re-fuelling! This also means less maintenance, reduced fuel spill risks and most importantly reducing the risk of running out of light in the middle of works!

Reduces noise!

For urban areas noise pollution is a big no-no for overnight works so keeping noise to a minimum is essential. We also know some events can be noisy, the silent lighting towers that are available now will make sure your event isn’t going to be overpowered by the noise from surrounding lighting units.

Whatever your application there is a Lighting Tower to suit your needs, so, why not give us a call today to discuss your greener future?