WRITTEN ON 24 January 2020.

How to know which Sustainable Lighting Tower is right for you.

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Sustainable lighting towers are fuel saving, noise reducing and sometimes emission-free. They’re becoming very sort after many industries. The benefits that sustainable lighting towers offer can vary from business to business, as each goal and priority is different. However, there is always a common goal: to reduce emissions and reduce costs.

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We will go over the different sustainable lighting towers which Trime offer, their advantages and which application they are best for:

Hybrid Lighting Towers

These long-lasting units are ideal for long-term projects: such as construction works and events. With an extremely fuel-efficient engine, using 0.23L/hr (compared to the 1.93L/hr for standard lighting towers), you can get a run-time of 1000 hours and more. If a key objective is to reduce emissions – hybrid lighting towers are a great low-carbon alternative to the traditional diesel-powered options.

With longer run-times, less maintenance is required, meaning productivity will improve with reduced staff time for refuelling and checks – so more time is spent on the actual work. With less refuelling, which comes with its own risks, there is a reduced chance of fuel spills occurring.

If you are opting for the solar-hybrid lighting tower, this gives you an even longer run-time of over 3000 hours, reducing your fuel costs by an average of 99% and fuel usage by 90%. This is the most sustainable lighting tower available on the market – a very clean solution. The battery is powered by the free, clean, constant energy from the sun. This automatically keeps your lighting tower charged up – no need to refuel!

Note – during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, solar power will not be able to work alone and a fuel-efficient back-up engine will be required.

Battery Power Lighting Towers

Battery power is becoming the go-to alternative with the push to reduce emissions. The main benefit of the battery powered lighting towers is that there are no fuel costs – allowing you to save money! They are silent – ideal for events or other noise-sensitive applications. The battery range is able to reduce noise and carbon emissions – which can in turn help support future construction projects.

Battery powered units can last for a whole weekend without the need to recharge – allowing you to rely on the sustainable lighting tower and have that peace of mind. Battery units are also mobile – meaning that they can be moved easily and efficiently: either by hand or by car. At Trime, we offer small and large battery units – browse the range here.

Electric, Plug-In Lighting Towers

Ideal for events and for smaller construction sites. Using no fuel, creating no emissions and making no noise! They rely on one power source – usually a mains point, allowing you to save money on fuel costs. With no emissions made, the site itself and the surrounding environment can have better health and safety conditions.

Plug-In lighting towers, from Trime, can also be linked together from one power source without losing any light output. The plug-in range will last for as long as they are connected to any power source – this makes it one of the most reliable lighting towers in the industry.

These are available in static or mobile models, depending on what works best for your company. If they are going to be lighting up a car/lorry park, for example, a static version will be the best unit to choose. However, if you know your sustainable lighting tower will need to be moved often – check out the mobile options available from Trime.

Solar Lighting Towers

These will always need sunlight to power the battery – so when sunlight is at its peak in the UK (Summer especially), the solar range of sustainable lighting towers will be a great purchase. They will run for a substantial amount of time when the sunlight has gone, but will rely solely on the power from the sun.

If you would like more information on sustainable lighting towers – check out our guide! Download it here.

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