WRITTEN ON 1 November 2019.

Glare-Free/Anti-Glare Lighting Towers


glare lighting towers

Glare is the difficultly of seeing in the presence of a bright, usually white, light. This can be generated from reflected sunlight, or artificial light (i.e.: from car headlights). With the latest technological developments, glare-free (or anti-glare) lighting towers are now available, helping to make a more comfortable working environment for builders, construction managers and others who may be working on a site that requires lighting support.

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Having a glare-free environment has many safety benefits including better focus and reduced discomfort on your eyes, which reduces the risk of an accident from being ‘blinded’ by the strong light.

Quality lighting is important, especially in construction works where all types of machinery are being used. Equally, having safe, glare-free lighting towers at events ensures that guests can see clearly, without straining their eyes.

A robust, reliable lighting tower with the addition of glare-free light-heads can improve the quality of lighting towers. However, if this is not an option, some lighting tower light-heads are able to be tilted to reduce the glare and angle the light where is most comfortable for the surrounding workers. Trime recommend trying out the lights to see what works best for you pre-purchasing.

Strong, quality lighting that lights up large areas imitating daylight creates a safer working environment, whilst reducing eye strain. This is a long-term, economical benefit for construction companies: fewer lighting towers are required because one good quality, powerful unit can be enough instead of two, for example. Alongside this, reduced fuel costs and longer-run times mean that extra savings are made, with less time used on refuelling and/or maintaining the unit.

Anti-glare lighting towers provide many outperforming benefits in comparison to other lighting towers. However, do consider if anti-glare is a serious requirement for you. It can be easier to tilt the light-head to a comfortable position for the workers. But anti-glare can be deemed safer and may improve productivity as there is less strain on the eyes.

Trime provide a vast range of lighting towers to benefit you and the environment. If you are interested in having anti-glare lighting towers, please contact us.