WRITTEN ON 1 May 2019.

Illumin8 invest in the X-ECO BATTERY

Illumin8 Lights the Essex based site lighting tower rental specialists have invested our X-BATTERY lighting sets.

IlluminWith the increasing propensity to dilute the use of diesel powered machinery on construction sites particularly in urban areas, we have designed and developed a lighting tower that has all the attributes of engine powered set, but runs solely from battery power. Entitled the X-ECO X-BATTERY, this brand new product features energy saving LED lamps fitted to a vertical mast which is rotatable through 340 °. The lights will remain fully functional for up 36-hours and can be fully recharged, via a built-in charging system, inside 8-hours. The total illuminated area (5-lux min.) is 2000 sq.

Neil Fenwick, founder and managing director of Illumin8 Lights said, “Although our fleet of Trime X-ECO lighting sets have proven to be very popular with both the events and construction markets, we noticed an intensifying amount of enquiries for zero noise and zero emission units. Therefore we opted to purchase a line of X-BATTERY lights to satisfy these requirements.”

Initially, Illumin8 Lights trialled several X-BATTERY sets at a number of high-profile festivals, events and shows. They reported an affirmative response from event managers who noted the positive impact of low noise and zero carbon emissions. Following these trials, Illumin8 made the decision to invest in the X-BATTERY product.

The X- ECO-BATTERY boasts no fuel costs, zero carbon emissions, minimal vibration and little routine maintenance, whilst completely eliminating noise pollution. With the X-ECO-BATTERY’s compact dimensions up to 12 units can be transported on one single truck helping to save vehicle costs and reduce traffic on the road.

The X- ECO-BATTERY is ideally suited to provide safe lighting for outside events, construction sites and trackside.